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For Your Consideration

When Doves Cry

Best Arrangement Instrumental and Vocal 


This acoustic neo-soul reimagining  of “When Doves Cry” is powerfully sung by former lead vocalist of The Temptations, Louis Price, and passionately performed on piano by Steinway Artist, Starr Parodi.

Starr & Louis When Doves Cry One Sheet Pic1.jpg

What people are saying:

"Blending their talents beautifully and seamlessly, the two strip away the sonic edges for a lush piano/vocal duet that allows them space to excavate the deeper emotional intensity of the lyrics and the lilting lyricism of the song’s infectious melody in compelling and unexpected ways. The flow features high-low dynamics that take us on a journey"  - Jonathan Widran, music journalist & author: JWVibe

“When I hear Starr Parodi and Louis Price deliver such a stunning rendition of Prince’s “When Doves Cry.” It melts my heart…This outstanding song is a must-hear. Don’t miss it” - Mark Vail, music journalist & author: The Oxford Press & Hal Leonard Publishing

“This song is the epitome of a brilliant cover. Rather than rehash the original song Starr Parodi and Louis Price have created a piece that sounds like an original composition. It’s a unique and beautiful take on Prince’s original. I love it.” - Meishel, Host, KCSN - FM 88.5

Dear Friends…

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In a nutshell.. how this came about…

Louis Price  & I have known each other since I was a teenager and when we spontaneously performed this song live together at a concert, we got such a great response from the audience that we knew we had to record it.  It’s a cover of Prince’s “When Doves Cry” using piano and voice only (including some adventurously filtered and deeply processed piano layers and textures - there are no synthesizers performed on this track) and Louis’s insanely beautiful, powerful and emotional vocals. We recorded it here at my studio in Los Angeles and since this summer is the 35th anniversary of the album/film “Purple Rain”, we wanted to release it to the world in celebration of that :-)

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