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The Heart Of Frida

by Starr Parodi

Produced by: Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair

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“Starr Parodi is one of the most talented and passionate pianists and composers of the 21st century. Her lyrical piano lines and unique chord progressions take unexpected and eloquent turns that keep you enthralled in her music. Her precise and astounding touch is unequalled. With The Heart of Frida, Starr has reaffirmed her position as one of my all-time favorite musicians.” - Mark Vail, author of Vintage Synthesizers, The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B, and The Synthesizer

“Contemporary pianist and composer Starr Parodi’s latest gift, The Heart of Frida, is an enthralling musical tribute to Mexico’s favorite daughter, transcendental folk painter Frida Kahlo. Like Kahlo, Parodi’s music is vividly bright and brutally honest. Parodi seamlessly blends in a pair of well-known classics and nine original and passionate compositions to tell the story of a legend. Highly recommended.” - RJ Lannan - Zone Music Reporter

“The uniquely unpredictable chord progressions and remarkably creative transitions are an enthusiastically appreciated and defining characteristic of her style, as she effectively transports the listener to someplace exotic and seemingly set within a decades-old era. “The Heart of Frida” easily sits among the most gorgeous solo piano recordings to recently cross my path, and is a particularly essential album for fans of the genre!” - Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio

“To say That I was mesmerized with her performance would be a huge understatement...and I have no doubt that The Heart Of Frida will appear on many "best of" lists and awards for 2016 - including my own! This is masterful solo piano that is deeply expressive and emotional...Wow! What an album!" - Kathy Parsons -

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Bert Stern: Original Mad Man (score)

by Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair

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Common Places

by Starr Parodi

Produced by: Jeff Eden Fair & Starr Parodi

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Starr Parodi has crossed paths between the classical, pop/rock, modern contemporary composition, and chamber jazz worlds as is easily heard on this solo piano recording. Her beautifully delicate and crystalline touch is a universally enjoyable sound that can reach the soul of most romantics or daydreamers. Listen to Common Places more than once, and you hear an assured confidence and peaceful serenity that rivals previous passionate piano troubadours like Bill Evans, Harold Budd or Ralph Towner. It's that innate sense of perfection and purpose linked with intriguing diversity that makes the music of Parodi quite listenable. She uses modal minimalist inventions with some liquid electronics on the opening title track, follows-up by digitally delaying Buffalo Springfield's evocative pensive, original protest song morphed into a hopeful refrain on "For What It's Worth" and you are hooked...This is just about the prettiest piano project heard in recent years... -Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide & Apples's iTunes

This deeply passionate and beautiful recording is one of the best albums of the year. - Chris Douridas, Grammy nominated host of KCRW's "New Ground"

Parodi’s pianistic sense and delivery go way beyond creative. Words that come to mind while listening to Common Places include imaginative, courageous, dynamic, passionate, gutsy, pensive, restrained, and euphoric. I’m thoroughly entranced by the whole experience. - Mark Vail, Keyboard Magazine

It’s easy to lose yourself in the latest release from composer/pianist Starr Parodi. Common Places: Piano Improvisations offers a deeply imaginative and mesmerizing set of solo piano improvisations... Overall, Common Places is an inspired, engaging work with a singular vision that demonstrates the depth and breadth of Parodi’s influences, and clearly conveys her artistic voice, her insights and her virtuosity. Must play: “Common Places” - Matt Gallagher, Mix Magazine

Starr Parodi’s solo piano debut, Common Places, is not a new recording - it was released in 2006 - but Starr and I met recently and I was anxious to hear and review her music. A Steinway Artist, Parodi got her first big break as the pianist/keyboardist for The Arsenio Hall Show band, “The Posse.” She has also composed a very impressive body of music for television and film (often with her husband and musical partner, Jeff Fair). Common Places was awarded the 2007 Album of the Year by (Whisperings). All of the pieces on the album are improvisations, although five of the ten tracks were originally composed by other artists. A fascinating combination of classical, pop, rock, movie themes, and jazz creates a distinctive and original musical sound that can only come with life and musical experience. After the songs were recorded, Parodi and Fair experimented with a new sonic palette. They continued to use only the piano, but affected it with various filters and other devices. Sometimes the results were ambient, sometimes percussive and often subliminal, adding another layer of emotion to the performances. Parodi recorded the music on her 1928 grand piano that once graced the MGM sound stage and was used in classic films that include The Wizard of Oz. The piano sound is rich, deep, and often very powerful.

Common Places begins with the title track, a piece with classical influences, a touch of mystery, and interesting effects that come from the piano itself - an intriguing opener! “For What It’s Worth” is a powerful solo piano interpretation of the 1967 Buffalo Springfield hit and an unexpected treat. The piano-based effects and layering give this rock classic an edge that perfectly suits the song. “Albinoni’s Adagio” is an interpretation of the classical piece reconstructed from fragments found in Dresden archives in 1945. Parts of this six-minute track are very simple in styling, while others become much bigger and more passionate. “Kenya” is a beautiful slow jazz ballad that often shows Parodi’s funkier side - a 9 1/2 minute exploration that I really like. “Follow Me” begins with a fast and slightly frenetic intro that dances all over the piano keyboard. After about a minute, the piece becomes more melodic and even hymnlike, telling its story in a way that is both purposeful and dramatic. “James Bond” is a new interpretation of the version of the theme that earned Parodi a Gold Record. Dark and mysterious, she gives this very well-known movie theme a fresh makeover. “Forgiveness” is another favorite with its interesting chord voicings and soulful nature. I love the closing track, Tony Sena’s “Covenant.” Heartfelt and passionately expressive, it’s a beautiful ending to a very impressive album! - Kathy Parsons, Mainly

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The Best Of Bond James Bond

by Parodi Fair

“…it was perhaps the most action-packed and relentlessly breathless action movie trailer you had ever seen… the GoldenEye and Misson: Impossible teasers provided something of a roadmap for the future of movie trailers.” Scott Mendelssohn – Forbes Magazine


Skin On Skin

Produced by: Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair


The Other Side

by Callaghan

Produced by: Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair

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To All The Little Girls

by Isolde Fair

"'Never doubt that you are valuable': Talented 13-year-old singer turns Hillary's concession speech into a girl power anthem..." - Daily Mail UK

"...and It's Damn Near Perfect"- POPSUGAR

What started out as a music theory class assignment, has turned into a emotionally powerful and moving young women’s anthem that delivers hope and has inspired listeners around the world.

13 year old Isolde Fair had the task of creating a song based on Hillary Clinton’s famous concession speech, by her music theory teacher Mary Ann Cummins at Sol-La Music Academy in California. The focus was on the portion of Clinton’s speech dedicated to young women, “Never doubt that you are valuable...” Isolde did more than just that; her song moved her teacher to tears, inspiring the idea to include other female friends and classmates on the song accompanied by a string arrangement. Mary Ann then played the song for her good friend, two time Oscar-winning filmmaker, Terry Sanders who was equally moved and offered to make a video of the rehearsal featuring Isolde and her classmates (girls from ages 8-19) and struck gold. The video has already reached over 295,000 views on YouTube alone, attracting the attention of Hillary Clinton herself, who responded with a tweet to her 13+ million followers, “Thanks to Isolde Fair & her classmates for this inspiring song. I’m with YOU”. The famous tweet has received over 33k likes and 8k retweets.

Isolde Fair has been writing and performing music since she can remember. She plays electric bass, has studied the violin since 5 years of age, and has played piano since she was a baby, thanks to her mother, Starr Parodi, who is an accomplished recording artist and composer. Isolde draws her inspiration from every day living like school and her peers as well as world events. When it came to writing and composing “To All The Little Girls”, Isolde says, “The melody came easily to me but the chords took a little while to write. For most of the lyrics, I used the words from Hillary’s concession speech that my teacher wanted the class to use. However, I wanted to have more than one verse, so I wrote some lyrics of my own for the second verse that were inspired by Clinton’s speech.”

This powerful song and its video have received rave reviews internationally and led to Isolde performing "To All The Little Girls" to a sold-out crowd at Lincoln Center in April 2017 for the New York Times/Tina Brown (9th annual) Women In The World Summit featuring Scarlett Johansson, Justin Trudeau, Queen Latifah & Hillary Clinton. The video has also been featured on Japan's NHK news, The New York Times, The Huffington Post (3x), Cosmopolitan Magazine, The UK Daily Mail, Pop Sugar, Univision and numerous other news sites.