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The Heart Of Frida

by Starr Parodi

Produced by: Starr Parodi & Jeff Eden Fair

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“Starr Parodi is one of the most talented and passionate pianists and composers of the 21st century. Her lyrical piano lines and unique chord progressions take unexpected and eloquent turns that keep you enthralled in her music. Her precise and astounding touch is unequalled. With The Heart of Frida, Starr has reaffirmed her position as one of my all-time favorite musicians.” - Mark Vail, author of Vintage Synthesizers, The Hammond Organ: Beauty in the B, and The Synthesizer

“Contemporary pianist and composer Starr Parodi’s latest gift, The Heart of Frida, is an enthralling musical tribute to Mexico’s favorite daughter, transcendental folk painter Frida Kahlo. Like Kahlo, Parodi’s music is vividly bright and brutally honest. Parodi seamlessly blends in a pair of well-known classics and nine original and passionate compositions to tell the story of a legend. Highly recommended.” - RJ Lannan - Zone Music Reporter

“The uniquely unpredictable chord progressions and remarkably creative transitions are an enthusiastically appreciated and defining characteristic of her style, as she effectively transports the listener to someplace exotic and seemingly set within a decades-old era. “The Heart of Frida” easily sits among the most gorgeous solo piano recordings to recently cross my path, and is a particularly essential album for fans of the genre!” - Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio

“To say That I was mesmerized with her performance would be a huge understatement...and I have no doubt that The Heart Of Frida will appear on many "best of" lists and awards for 2016 - including my own! This is masterful solo piano that is deeply expressive and emotional...Wow! What an album!" - Kathy Parsons - Mainlypiano.com